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A portable VM (Virtual Machine)





Glulx is a portable VM (Virtual Machine), like the Z-machine. Unlike the Z-machine, it uses 32-bit data and addresses, so it can handle game files up to four gigabytes long.

Also unlike the Z-machine, it has native support for Glk I/O, so game files can use any capability Glk provides. However, like the Z-machine -- again -- you can write games in the Inform language and compile them to Glulx game files.


Since this is a Glk program, it must be built with a Glk library. See the Glk home page at:

The Unix Makefile that comes with this package is designed to link any of the Unix libraries (XGlk, GlkTerm, and CheapGlk.) You'll have to go into the Makefile and set three variables to find the library. There are instructions at the top of the Makefile. Then just type:

make glulxe

That should suffice. When the program is built, type:

./glulxe filename.ulx

where "filename.ulx" is a Glulx game file to execute.

To build this program on a Macintosh, you'll need the MacGlk library. See the instructions that come with that. It's fairly straightforward; compile the library, the source code, and the "macstart.c" file.
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