Box 0.4.0

A programming language thought to create graphic figures.

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What's new in Box 0.4.0:

  • The core of the Box VM has been rewritten.
  • The type system has been rewritten from scratch and is now much more powerful.
  • A new type, Any, allows boxing/unboxing objects and provides some reflection capabilities.
  • This release adds adds heterogeneous arrays of objects (Array object), a new undo manager to the GUI which allows having a single undo history for both the text editor and the graphics editor, and the new objects Curve, Tri, and Fill to draw cubic bezier splines and fill a path.
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
Matteo Franchin
ROOT \ Programming \ Interpreters
1 Box Screenshot:
Box should become for vector graphics, what latex became for writing scientific documents.


To compile the sources and install on your machine you may proceed
with the quite usual sequence:

  ./configure --with-cairo
  make install

Detailed installation instructions are available inside the file INSTALL
in this same directory. The '--with-cairo' flag enables detection and
usage of the Cairo 2D graphic library. Be sure to have this library
installed on your system: this is not mandatory, but will give you some
more features (see later section).
If you want a local installation, you may proceed as follows:

  ./configure --prefix=/home/yourusername/local --with-cairo
  make install

Your system won't know where to find the Box executable.
Therefore you may put a line such as

  export PATH=$PATH:~/local/bin

at the end of your bashrc file (which is a hidden file in your home
directory: ~/.bashrc). This last modification is not needed. It just
makes life easier.


After installation, you may run some tests to see if the compilation
suceeded. Just type:

  make check

You should get a final message such as:

  0 errors found.
  All tests performed led to success.

Cairo library

You can now compile Box with support for the Cairo 2D graphic library.
Cairo gives support for some more output terminals (PDF, SVG, PNG, PS)
and is going to be well exploited in the next Box releases, giving it
many cool features. Be sure to compile Box with the '--with-cairo' flag.

Last updated on September 9th, 2013

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