Argh! 0.2.3

Argh! is an esoteric programming language.
Argh! is an esoteric programming language in the spirit of Befunge, Brainfuck, and friends. Argh! project is a nice and simple language with two dimensional code-flow, a combined code/data array, an infinite stack, regular characters for all instructions, no strange braces or symbols, no unnecessary arithmetic operators (add and sub are all you

The distribution includes interpreters for Argh! and Aargh! (an extended Argh! that is most likely Turing complete), the official specification, editing modes for emacs and vim, and lots of examples.


To build the interpreters simply type make. This will produce two binaries: `argh' the Argh! interpreter and `aargh' the extended Argh! (Aargh!) interpreter. For instructions on installing the Emacs Argh! mode please look at the comments in `argh-mode.el'.


Usage is simple, just call the interpreter with the filename of the Argh!-program as first argument:

$ argh ./examples/hello.agh

If the interpreter gets called with no argument, it reads the Argh!-program from stdin.

You can even put "#!/path/to/argh-interpreter" in the first line of your code and make the Argh! program executable. (At least on systems, which understand #!-magic).

last updated on:
April 15th, 2005, 14:17 GMT
developed by:
Sascha Wilde
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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