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zope.app.locales provides some facilities for extracting and managing i18n messages that occur in Zope software. More specifically, i18n messages can occur in Python code, in Page Templates and in ZCML declarations. zope.app.locales provides a utility that can extract messages from all three and write them to a standard gettext template (pot file).

Detailed Documentation:

Internationalization (I18n) and Localization (L10n)

This document assumes that you have a Zope 3 checkout and the gettext utilities installed.

Creating/Updating Message Catalog Template (POT) Files

Whenever you've made a change to Zope that affects the i18n messages, you need to re-extract i18n messages from the code. To do that, execute i18nextract.py from the utilities directory of your Zope 3 checkout:

  python utilities/i18nextract.py -d zope -p src/zope -o app/locales

This will update the zope.pot file. Make sure that the checkout's src directory is part of your PYTHONPATH environment variable.

After that, you need to merge those changes to all existing translations. You can do that by executing the i18nmergeall.py script from the utilities directory of your Zope 3 checkout:

  python utilities/i18nmergeall.py -l src/zope/app/locales


To translate messages you need to do the following steps:

 If a translation for your language is already present and you just want to update, skip ahead to step 2. If you want to start translation on a new language, you need to

 create a directory


 with the appropriate code for your language as . Note that the two letters specifying the language should always be lower case (e.g. 'pt'); if you additionally specify a region, those letters should be upper case (e.g. 'pt_BR').

 copy the zope.pot template file to /LC_MESSAGES/zope.po.

 edit the PO header of the newly created zope.po file and fill in all the necessary information.

 Translate messages within the PO file. Make sure the gettext syntax stays intact. Tools like poEdit and KBabel can help you.

 Finally, when you're done translating, compile the PO file to its binary equivalent using the msgfmt tool:

cd < lang_code >/LC_MESSAGES $ msgfmt -o zope.mo zope.po
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