OCamlI18N 0.3

OCamlI18N is a library for internationalization of Objective Caml programs.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
3.5/5 19
Matthieu Sozeau
ROOT \ Programming \ Internationalization
OCamlI18N is an O'Caml library for programs internationalization.

OCamlI18N (will) provide an I18N module modeling locales, time zones, calendars and dates, numbers and collations for any language, provided enough locale information has been given to him.

The design is heavily inspired by Java's model of localization classes and its motivation was to have a completely thread-safe implementation of internationalization for O'Caml fans. If you have any suggestions about the code, contact me (mattam AT mattam DOT org).

OCamlI18N is distributed under the terms of the LGPL.

What's New in This Release:

Makefile (VERSION): Set to 0.3, for first release of LDML parsing code.
src/ISO*.ml*, src/KeyTypes.ml*, src/Variants.ml*, src/ISO_types.ml*: Support for ISO and LDML types, with direct encoding of the enumerations as variant types.
src/generate_parser.ml: Parser generator, using camlp4 for code construction and capable of producing class types, implementations and parsing code from DTDs.
src/LDML_types.ml*, src/LDML_impl.ml*: generated code for parsing LDML documents using pxp.
src/LDML_support.ml*: Support functions for parsing.
src/LDML.ml*: main entry point to access LDML information.

Last updated on April 18th, 2005

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