I18NEdit 1.2.2

I18NEdit is a tool for managing distributed internationalized Java-style resources.
I18NEdit is a tool for managing distributed internationalized Java-style resources.

I18NEdit is a convenience application for managing multilingual and/or localized programs or tools following the Java framework. It sits upon the localization capabilities offered by the Java ResourceBundle system and offers a PHP adapter class. Its goals:

Easy to use for developers and especially for translators.
Seamless access to all ressources of a large program with lots of .properties files.
Automatic detection of properties which must be edited in a certain target locale (due to changes in source locale).
Property files can be edited outside I18NEdit without confusing it.
Fully based on the basic localization framework around java.util.ResourceBundle, no further enhancements are needed.

Here are some key features of "I18NEdit":

Presentation of all of the program's property files in a tree.
Combination of all localizations of one property editable in one screen.
No clobbering in the property files themselves.
Additional tools for editing Unicode characters which are not available in the local input device environment.
Im- and export features for distributed translating.


Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or later

Note for Java 6: If you work with Java 6.0, make sure that you work at least with the second update ("6u2" or "1.6.0_02") from July 2007. The earlier versions of Java 6 ("6" and "6u1" resp. "1.6.0" and "1.6.0_01") contain a bug in Java Web Start which prevents the second and all further starts of the program. A cryptic error message appears instead. If you only have such a version available and no possiblity to either upgrade or go back to Java 5.0, use the JAR file version of EBuS Management Center for the time being.

What's New in This Release:

Shown locales and translation mode are independent of each other now.
All locales can be edited, even if in translation mode.
Text and property names can be searched.
Internally, UTF-8 is now used explicitly, leading to locale independence.
The user interface has been beautified.

last updated on:
February 5th, 2008, 13:13 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Dirk Hillbrecht
ROOT \ Programming \ Internationalization
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