Visual REGEXP 3.1

Visual REGEXP lets you easily design and debug regular expressions.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.3/5 17
Laurent Riesterer
ROOT \ Programming \ Debuggers
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Visual REGEXP project can easily design and debug regular expressions by providing a graphical visualization of the expression and its matches on a sample of your choice.


some regexp can consume a lot of CPU time. This seems to be caused by the use of -all, -inline and -indices flags together.
when a subexpression is not matched (empty match), the last character of the previous match are coloured. This is due to a problem in Tcl (bug submitted to Scriptics).

What's New in This Release:

new version done by Martin Lemburg. Many thanks, Martin.
it is now a tcl 8.5a4 starpack
GUI layout changed to be based on a paned window
GUI code looks different, to be more ergonomic
the informational labels (replacements & matches) are now sunken
there are now additional the "first" and "last" navigation buttons
there is a new option to navigate through matches or matches and submatches
the displayed count of matches is changed to display the current and the count of matches used for navigation (probably changes, if the new navigation option is changed)
the replace widget is disabled on startup
the tcl console is added to the help menu
the key bindings inside the regexp text widget changed a bit to allow for expanded regexp (-expanded or (?x)) to contain tabs and newlines. Tabs are created with Control-Tab and newlines with Control-Return. Additional with Control-C|V|X (not c|v|x) it is possible to use the clipboard like with Control|Shift-Insert, Shift-Delete.

Last updated on March 8th, 2006

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