TIJmp 0.8

A memory profiler for java.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Robert Olofsson
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TIJmp is a memory profiler for java. TIJmp is made for java/6 and later, it will not work on java/5 systems. If you need a profiler for java/5 or earlier try the jmp profiler.

TIJmp is written to be fast and have a small footprint, both memory- and cpu-wise. This means that the jvm will run at almost full speed, until you use tijmp to find some information.

TIJjmp uses C code to talk to the jvm and it uses swing to show the the tables of information. So tijmp is written in C (using jvmti and jni) and Java.

TIJmp runs in the same jvm as the program being profiled. This means that it can easily get access to all things jvmti/jni has to offer.

This project is distributed under the General Public License, GPL.

Last updated on January 13th, 2009

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What's new in TIJmp 0.8:

  • The owner dialog now shows array lengths.
  • A button has been added that writes out full thread information to a file.
  • A crash on Solaris has been fixed.
  • This release searches more directories automatically on startup, so the flag for tijmp.jar is not needed as much anymore.
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