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An application which is primarily used to setup scenarios of tasks, execute and debug them




PureTest software is used to setup scenarios of tasks, execute and debug them. Even though it supports testing a variety of applications it is especially useful for debugging and snooping of web applications. PureTest includes a HTTP Recorder and Web Crawler which makes it useful for generic verification of HTTP requests and web content checking.

The normal way to access web sites is via a browser; however, there are times when it is desirable to bypass the browser and access a site from a program, including:

- Debugging of HTTP requests and responses
- Automated web site testing

The HTTP Recorder simplifies the process of capturing all requests that are exchanged between a browser and the web server. Then use PureTest to replay each request in order to carefully watch the HTTP data that is transferred on the wire (HTTP headers, request parameters, response headers and response content). The Web Crawler is useful to pro-actively verify the consistence of a static web structure. It reports various metrics, broken links and the structure of the crawled web.

Test scenarios that be saved to file and later be repeated, to verify that you server applictaion works as expected. This can be done using the PureTest debugger in the grapical user interface, but also using a command line interface.
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