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DIOTA is a dynamic instrumentation tool for Intel binaries.
DIOTA (Dynamic Instrumentation, Optimisation and Transformation of Applications) is a novel method for instrumenting binaries.

The technique correctly deals with programs that contain traditionally hard to instrument features such as data in code and code in data.

The technique does not require reverse engineering, program understanding tools or heuristics about the compiler or linker used. The basic idea is that instrumented code is generated on the fly, while the original process is used for data accesses.

DIOTA comes with a number of useful backends to check programs for faulty memory accesses, data races, deadlocks,... and perform basic tracing operations, e.g. tracing all memory accesses, all code being executed, to perform coverage analysis, ...

What's New in This Release:

removed READ_DEBUG statements

last updated on:
April 18th, 2005, 15:54 GMT
developed by:
Michiel Ronsse
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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