CodeInvestigator 0.22.1

A tracing tool for Python programs

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What's new in CodeInvestigator 0.15.0:

  • CodeInvestigator can now be used with FireFox 3.0.
  • I've removed the alert box when a run finishes.
  • Thread support:
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 17
Martien Friedeman
ROOT \ Programming \ Debuggers
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CodeInvestigator is an application which offers debugging without breakpoints. Program flow, function calls, variable values and conditions are all recorded for every line your program executes. CodeInvestigator then shows you your code together with its run time details.

Need to track down those nasty ones, but don't know where to start? CodeInvestigator tracks everything!

Any point in the run is instantly accessible. Debug at any point and in any direction. Scroll the code to the line you're interested in and click the variable. Its value is then displayed between the code lines.

The user interface consists of the source code itself:

- Click the variable you want to know the value of
- Click a loop and select the iteration you are interested in
- Click a condition to see what it evaluated to
- Click a function call to go there

All that easily accessible runtime data is invaluable when you need to understand code.

- Watch data structures being build in subsequent lines.
- Identify lines that fall in the 'else' branch and don't apply.
- Verify the intentions of the code by looking at runtime data.

Last updated on February 23rd, 2010


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