Assembly Language Debugger

0.1.7 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
3.1/5 23
Assembly Language Debugger is an assembly language debugger.




The Assembly Language Debugger is a tool for debugging executable programs at the assembly level. It currently runs only on Intel x86 platforms.

Operating systems supported: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD

Here are some key features of "Assembly Language Debugger":

Step into / Step over
Powerful ELF format interpreter
Easy memory manipulation
Disassembler for intel x86 instructions
Easy register manipulation

What's New in This Release:

added commands: display, ldisplay, undisplay to dump specified memory locations after each single step (thanks to ziberpunk < ziberpunk =at= ziberghetto dhis org > for the suggestion and code)
all Makefiles are now based on automake in the hopes that this will fix some of the problems integrating ald into the *BSD ports systems
bug fix where a pointer wasn't set to NULL after clearing program arguments with the "set args" command
this is related to the previous feature: if the effective address lies inside a symbol/function, the corresponding symbol is now displayed
for CALL and JMP instructions, exact target/effective addresses are now computed (code for this was contributed by Samuel Falvo II < kc5tja =at= arrl net >)
upgraded all configure scripts to autoconf v2.59
Last updated on April 18th, 2005

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