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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Dev Rokyt
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rokyt is a little but powerful object-oriented programming language, which includes high productivity, modular compilation/interpretation engines, powerful built-in collections and control constructs, modular, fully reflective, exception handling, it's embeddable and extensible, and it has a new security model.

What it does
The whole thing is in a pretty early stage of development.  Nevertheless, it does actually work.  There are two major components:
1. A compiler (called `kewc') that takes a .kew source file and  translates it to a .c source file that can be compiled by your C compiler to produce a .o file.

2. A small runtime support library `libkew' that can be linked with  the .o file to produce something that can actually be used.

Unfortunately, this is where your problems begin.  Kew is designed to  run inside a container, which is software that sets up and controls  the environment the code is run in.  For example, you can have an  applet container that sets up a safe environment to run untrusted  code, or one that sets up full access to the local machine for  ordinary applications.  No containers exist yet - they're next on my  priority list after completing the runtime support library.

Last updated on February 7th, 2009

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