nwcc 0.8.2

A small C compiler for Unix systems

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What's new in nwcc 0.8.1:

  • This release fixes a few (really not too many!) general and PIC-specific bugs that were encountered while compiling Tcl and mksh.
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Nils Weller
ROOT \ Programming \ Compilers
nwcc is a small C compiler for Unix systems that I wrote in my freetime, for fun and to prove to myself that I could. I started the project in August 2003, but because I had a job and a life and a few other hobby code projects, it took me until autumn 2005 to make it work with various constructs of the C language.

So what new does nwcc bring to the table? Most importantly, new code: I wrote everything from scratch - including the lexer, parser and backend.

The code of nwcc is written in C.

This release is not intended for serious use, but at least nwcc is strong enough to compile itself (the result of which can compile nwcc as well) and should thus be capable of dealing with at least some small programs. There are still some things missing/broken, but things are improving almost every day (I upload my changes to SF whenever I add/fix something of interest.)

It takes a lot of work to get even a subset of the C language to compile, so the fact that something is missing or done wrong in nwcc does not mean that I don't care about that particular area of the C language or compiler design; It only means that I haven't gotten around to doing it right, or indeed at all, yet.

Last updated on August 4th, 2011

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