daot 0.7.4

The dao to programming

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What's new in daot 0.7.3:

  • New in code:
  • memo the result of after running command to suppoort left recursive and to speedup.
  • use signatures of rule head to cut down the rules to unify with.
  • samples\sexpression.py pass all tests in dao\tests\testsexpression.py.
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GPL v3 
Cao Xingming
ROOT \ Programming \ Compilers
daot is the new generation programming language implemented by dynamic parameter grammar.

In the dao to programming, some new forms, such as 3(x+5)(4a(5b+A11)), where A11 means A1 in other programming, |x|, the absolute value of x, n!, the factorial of n, date and time format, file path, url, email address, a menu in the restaurant, and all that, would become legal source code. The language of the dao to programming will be defined through parameter grammar, and the grammar of dao will be dynamic, the syntax of the program can be changed at the programmer's will, the source of program will be parsed by a very general powerful Merge-Reduce algorithm, which I called mushroom algorithm.

It's pity that I can't use "Dao" as the project name on code.google, because there existed a project named dao on sourceforge before. So I used "Daot", where dao means the dao to programming. "t" would be the extension name of the dao program source file. "t" can be pronounced as "tao" or "dao" as well, means English letter T t or Greek Letter τ Τ λ Λ, denotes that the way of human and the way of computerintersect. By the way, λ and Λ, or lambda, represent recursive function theory, which is an important part of the computer sciense.

Last updated on November 12th, 2011


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