bigFORTH/MINOS 2.2.0

bigFORTH/MINOS is a Forth with GUI library and RAD tool.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Bernd Paysan
ROOT \ Programming \ Compilers
bigFORTH is a native code Forth. bigFORTH/MINOS is available for Linux and Windows 95/98/NT under GPL. The most striking feature is the graphical user interface MINOS (GUI in Forth) and the form editor Theseus (Theseus is still beta).

Here are some key features of "bigFORTH/MINOS":

Powerful compiler: bigFORTH is a 32 bit system. The compiler generates optimized native code for the i386. You can create turnkey applications for sure. bigFORTH fully complies to ANS Forth.
Versatile tools: multitasker; source-able decompiler; source level debugger (even using optimized macros) with single step and trace, as many breakpoints as you want; post mortem dump and return stack trace; Pentium-MMX-assembler/disassembler...
Editor: multi-window editor for screen- and stream-files.
Extensive libraries: extensive and comfortable file interface (with definitions for the most common Unix commands) ease work even on a big hard disk. System calls and linkage to dynamic libraries are supported. Printer support for listings and session protocols; fast and accurate FP-arithmetics, a "state of the art" memory management, that doesn't capitulate from complex memory structures, graphical user interface (MINOS GUI), object oriented Forth and more...
Transparency: All sources, including kernel and target compiler in the standard distribution, give the Forth wizard everything they want.
Modular Forth: bigFORTH is modulary. Separate compilation is possible, small applications are easy to create. Modules have no arbitrary limit in size.

MINOS is a graphic user interface (GUI) for X, written for bigFORTH-Linux and bigFORTH-Win32. It includes a rapid GUI developement editor (Theseus).

MINOS is available under the GPL, not the LGPL. I want to stress that this means you cannot develop applications with it that are not either under the GPL, or distributed seperately as sources, just as with other GPLed libraries (for example, readline).

For people wanting to develop applications with it that are under different licencing conditions, a [html]commercial licence is available at request so that MINOS can be a choice for proprietary systems, too. I'll certainly give major contributors a fair share.

Last updated on April 21st, 2008

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