Scriptol to binary Compiler

Scriptol to binary Compiler is a C native compiler.
Scriptol to binary Compiler
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Scriptol to binary Compiler is a C native compiler.


It is better to install Scriptol at root of a disk, for example:

Once the archive is extracted into the scriptolc directory, you have just to change to this directory to run the compiler.

To use the compiler at command line from any directory, you have to put the compiler into the path variable.

The setup script installs required file into sub-directories, or into the directory given as argument. Before to use the compiler, you have to read the licence, in the doc
directory: licence.html.


Just type:
./solc mysource

Type "solc" only to list the options.

If your program is a multi-file project, the source given as parameter must be the main source file, the compiler will know dependencies from "include" statements and will build what is needed.


Type from the main scriptol directory:
./solc -bre demosfibo


By editing the solc.ini file, you may change the second pass compiler (you may have to rebuild the libsol library for this compiler), change the options of the compiler or add header files to include.

To add header files, just add "header=someheader.hpp" lines into the config file.

A xxx.cfg file may be written for each project main source beeing xxx, and if present, it overloads the solc.ini file.

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December 2nd, 2005, 16:26 GMT
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Denis G. Sureau
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Scriptol to binary Compiler
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Scriptol to binary CompilerScriptol to binary Compiler

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