Scriptol Compilers 6.2

Scriptol is an object oriented programming language.
Scriptol is an object oriented programming language designed to deliver the programmer from hardware or software constraints and let him or her concentrate only on the problem to formulate as a program.

Scriptol Compilers is universal, and allows building dynamic Web pages (with PHP as the backend), writing scripts, and building binary applications. It is compatible with Java and C++ libraries. Examples of use with PHP, Java, and GTK are included.

How to install the Java extension for Php or C++

1) Installing Java for Php
Search for the java path, example:

Search for the php extensions path, example:

The extension directory must hold these files:

Set these lines into php.ini (in the Windows directory)
extension_dir = c:phpextensions

Search for the [java] section in php.ini - java.class.path must be assigned the path of all jar or class files including php_java.jar, separated by a semi-colon. (You can use a dot to designate the current path for yours jar or class file) - java.home

must be assigned the path of Java. - java.library
must be assigned the path of jvm.dll. - java.library.path
must be assigned the path of php extensions, that hold php_java.dll and php_java.jar and the path of any Java class you want to use.

- If these classes are inside jar files, the jar filenames are a part of the path.
- If several paths are required, they are separated by semicolons and enclosed in double quotes.

java.class.path = "c:phpextensionsphp_java.jar;c:myclasses"
java.home = "c:jdk1.4"
java.library = "c:jdk1.4jrebinclientjvm.dll"
java.library.path = "c:phpextensions;c:jdk1.4jrelib"

2) Installing Java for Scriptol C++
- The jvm.dll must be in the path.
- The jvm.lib, jni.h, jni_md.h files must be in the directory of the source.
- The JAVA_HOME variable must be assigned the path of the JDK (ex: c:jdl1.4).
- See the README file if you encounter problems...

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