Runtime Java Class Editor

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Runtime Java Class Editor is a tool for editing loaded (running) Java classes and much more.




RJCE allows all methods or variables of user defined classes to be altered at runtime. These alterations are then applied to a single instance, a collection of instances (i.e. list, set or map), or an entire class.

This helps you to test your application in an interactive way; altering running programs helping a trial and error approach to programming; testing code and saving it when it's correct. Long running algorithms, such as simulations, can also easily be refined without the need for restarts or lose of data.

RJCE can be used to write a program from within itself ensuring high coupling between testing and development, with no delay before the outcome of any alterations.

RJCE allows scripts to run from within your application, allowing users to configure or extend an application dynamically, bypassing normal language access rules controlled by public, private and protected. This can be done by easily instatiating an instance of CodeEditorFrame from the rom.gui package.

RJCE permits faster development of applications by allowing easy migration from scripts to Java programs.
Last updated on April 18th, 2005

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