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ObjectBox o:XML Compiler is an o:XML compiler and interpretor.




ObjectBox is a free, opensource o:XML compiler and interpretor written entirely in Java. ObjectBox o:XML Compiler implements The o:XML Programming Language specification, and provides a complete compilation and runtime environment.

Here are some key features of "ObjectBox o XML Compiler":

Java extensions - o:XML procedure that converts any Java class/object to an o:XML type for seamless language integration, making existing Java classes instantly available for instantiation and subtyping as any other o:XML type.
Java Servlet support for deployment in J2EE environments.
Caching of compiled programs allowing threadsafe concurrent execution.
Commandline executable that passes arguments to o:XML program.
Java Ant task for powerful content generation and integration in XML publishing systems.

Before compilation the program file is parsed and validated for well-formedness. The result of compiling a program is an object hierarchy of 'actions', that will produce the program result as a sequential output to either a DOM tree, output stream or a SAX content handler.

In order to obtain a complete and fully valid XML document, the program must terminate successfully. However all o:XML programs don't necessarily terminate - see the Fibonacci Series for an example of a program that generates an infinite, unbroken XML stream.

A compiled o:XML program contains all parsed o:Path expressions and XML-generating objects. It is thread-safe and can execute concurrently in different runtime environments, producing output to different result handlers. The program in its compiled form is independent of the XML file it was generated from as well as the physical form of its output.


Access Specifiers (public/private/protected) not fully implemented
Context Node probably not always correct

What's New in This Release:

Integration with the Spring 2.0 framework.
Allows for the creation of o:XML beans in Spring 2.0.
Full integration with support for XML schema configuration, and the ability to mix and match beans: o:XML, Java, JRuby, Groovy, Beanshell, etc.
Last updated on March 26th, 2007

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