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LIOGO is a Logo compiler for .NET.




LIOGO project is a Logo compiler for .NET.

Here are some key features of "LIOGO":

· Full Logo data type support (quoted and unquoted word, number and list),
· Support for new procedure definition, including recursive call,
· Framework of more than 100 Logo procedures,
· Turtle graphics Framework,
· Compile to EXE or dynamically loadable DLL,
· Can call any .NET Assembly from LIOGO using any .NET language (C#, VB.NET, C++, ...),
· True logo variable scope (called can see calling variable),
· Logo dynamic operation (RUN, MAP, ...),
· Multi-threading support (planned),
· Localization of structural element and framework (planned)
· Multi OS Support: Windows .NET and Unix/Linux Mono (planned),
· Totally Free and Open Source (under GPL License).

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed [1494763] local don't declare the first item
· Fixed [1492219] Empty list in list constant is not supported
· Fixed [1276733] "reduce" is not implemented
· Fixed [1276765] A procedure in an exe can't be called with "run"
· Fixed [1469810] Can't use "i1" as parameter name ?
· Fixed [1276758] "ct" is not implemented
· Fixed [1445132] WHILE command is not supported
· Fixed [1397218] Implement ?REST and # in templates
· Fixed [1276744] "ifelse" as operation
· Fixed [1430077] Boolean expression can't be use in make
· Fixed [1429990] foreach don't work with an empty list
· Fixed [1276730] Properties are not supported
· Fixed [1417258] local with parenthesis is not supported
· Property: LIOGO.LoadAtStartup to specify Dll to load at startup in LIOGOI
· Put all Console in a separate class
· new command "untrace" (UCBLogo)
· new command "trace" (UCBLogo)
· new command "pons" (UCBLogo)
· new command "wait" (UCBLogo)
· new command "bye" (UCBLogo)
· new operation "reduce" (UCBLogo)
· new operation "find" (UCBLogo)
· Autofocus on LIOGOI, LIOGO.Graphics.Autofocus property to control it
· Properties: LIOGO.Graphics.Width, LIOGO.Graphics.Height, LIOGO.Graphics.Title, LIOGO.Graphics.Icon
· MSI Installer for Windows
· Optimize core level:
+ Use LinkedList instead of ArrayList for LogoList
+ Don't catch exception when trying to convert LogoNumber
+ Optimize access to local variable scope
· Optimize generator
+ Generate constant for all literal value: number, word, unquoted word and list
+ Use integer instead of LogoNumber in all loops
+ Generate variables for count, step, ... in loops
· Optimize compiler
+ Use a cache for last compiler results
· new command "ct" and "cleartext" (UCBLogo)
· new command "pr" (alias for print)
· new operation "time" (MSWLogo)
· new operation "timemilli" (MSWLogo)
· Illegal value (not true and not false) for a condition now raise an error
· new operation "filter" (UCBLogo)
· new command "pprop" (UCBLogo)
· new operation "gprop" (UCBLogo)
· new operation "listprop" (UCBLogo)
· new command "remprop" (UCBLogo)
· .NET Framework 2.0 compatibility
· new command "setpixel" (MSWLogo)
· new command "push" (UCBLogo)
· new operation "pop" (UCBLogo)
· new command "queue" (UCBLogo)
· new operation "dequeue" (UCBLogo)
Last updated on June 19th, 2006

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