Istrice 1.5

Istrice is a system builds to allow a parallel and remote compilation of projects of any size.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Alessandro Bonfanti
and Massimiliano T...
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Istrice is a system builds to allow a parallel and remote compilation of projects of any size. The typical scenario is that, whenever you have to compile a project, you run "make" and then you get a long coffee!

We have to say as well that the host where the compilation is running are usually high loaded and hence not many resources are free for other tasks.Istrice addresses this problem allowing a host to demand the compilation to a set of remote hosts on the base of the choices got by a server that represents those hosts.

The logical units represented in the above figure are:

MS Master Server
it is the decisional unit of only ONE domain. It does not get any file to be compiled by itself but it decides the registered Second Layer Server (SLS, see below) to demand a compilation on the base of an algorithm that distributes the load due to the Client requests

Second Layer Server
it plays the central role for compiling the source files on behalf of an Istrice Client (IC, see the following description). It receives the source from the Client and, after having compiled it, it returns the .o just produced

Istrice Client
its preferred sentence is: €œwhy should I do anything, if someone else can do it for me? Actually the Istrice Client contacts the MS it is registered to, in order to know which SLS can compile its code. After that, the sole task it performs is to contact the indicated SLS and to send it the source to compile

Two other important concepts must be pointed out. First of all, the Domain concept: a domain is a group of units that are all registered to a MS that defines the domain. Some units belong to a domain to get its source files compiled (that is the ICs). We can call this sub-domain as Client Domain. The counterpart is the set of units that are registered to the MS in order to offer their services to compile the IC source files. We can call this complementary sub-domain as Server Domain.

This implies that there is a correspondence one-2-one between a MS and its controlled Domain.

Last updated on November 28th, 2006


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