Dylan 1.0 beta1

Dylan is fast, flexible and capable of unusually sophisticated abstractions.
Dylan is an advanced, object-oriented, dynamic language which supports the rapid development of programs.

When needed, the programmer can later optimize [his or her] programs for more efficient execution by supplying type information to the compiler. Nearly all entities in Dylan (including functions, classes, and basic data types such as integers) are first class objects.

Additionally Dylan supports multiple inheritance, polymorphism, multiple dispatch, keyword arguments, object introspection, and many other advanced features...

Main features:

  • An advanced object model. Dylan's object model is more powerful than those of most mainstream languages, but more familiar than what you'd find in an academic language.
  • Efficiency and flexibility. Dylan can be used as a dynamic prototyping language (like Smalltalk) or an efficient compiled language. Functional Developer, Functional Objects' Dylan compiler, generates code as good as that of most C compilers. Still, it provides an interactive prototyping environment like those found in Smalltalk or Common Lisp.
  • Support for advanced IDEs. The original implementation of Dylan stored code in a database and provided multiple views of how definitions were related. Cross-referencing, hypercode and online documentation were all popular research topics among the language's designers.
  • Infix syntax. (Most languages, including C, are infix. LISP is prefix and Forth is postfix.)

last updated on:
September 30th, 2005, 18:41 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Gwydion Dylan Maintainers
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