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An Open Source command-line compiler for the Scheme programming language on Linux
Chicken is a free and open source compiler application for the Scheme programming language. It is compatible with the Linux/UNIX operating system.

Chicken produces efficient and portable C, and it supports many of the current Scheme language standard (see the list below for details).

It provides out-of-the-box support for SRFI 0 (cond-expand), SRFI 1 (List library), SRFI 2 (and-let*), SRFI 4 (Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes), SRFI 6 (Basic string ports), SRFI 8 (receive), SRFI 9 (Record types), SRFI 10 (#, external form), SRFI 13 (String library), SRFI 14 (Character set library), SRFI 16 (case-lambda), SRFI 17 (Generalized set!), SRFI 18 (Multithreading support), SRFI 23 (error), SRFI 25 (Multidimensional array primitives), SRFI 26 (cut, cute), SRFI 28 (format), SRFI 30 (Block comments), SRFI 37 (Program argument processor), SRFI 38 (External representation for data with shared structure), SRFI 39 (Parameters), SRFI 40 (Stream library), SRFI 42 (Eager comprehensions), SRFI 43 (Vector library) and SRFI 55 (require-extension).

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October 6th, 2013, 13:18 GMT
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BSD License 
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What's New in This Release:
  • This release includes several important security and crash fixes, after a recent bug-hunting spree by our core hackers.
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