wingS 3.1

wingS is a servlet development framework for Web applications.
wingS is a servlet development framework for Web applications. wingS project features Swing-like components and utilizes Swing models, Swing events, and a very similar API.

A special LayoutManager allows you to place components using designer provided HTML templates. The HTML code generation of the components themself supports PLAF (Pluggable Look and Feel), so it is possible to create a different output, like plain HTML, HTML+CSS, and WML.

What's New in This Release:

· [WGS-238] - XSuggest Layout is Broken
· [WGS-248] - AJAX checkbox in WingSet demo has different states on different demos
· [WGS-249] - Safari - Errors in Response Processing
· [WGS-250] - Safari - Keybindings don't work
· [WGS-251] - Safari - AnchorList has line breaks
· [WGS-258] - SInternalFrame.close() --> closes but update does not render the hide

· [WGS-179] - Component Pluggability
· [WGS-200] - JS Code minimization
· [WGS-217] - Separate components according to their completeness and stability
· [WGS-245] - Revise build files of demos
· [WGS-219] - Revise SDialog, SOptionPane, SPopup(Frame)
· [WGS-221] - Revise XCalendar
· [WGS-224] - Revise SScrollBar
· [WGS-226] - Revise CellEditor-Approach
· [WGS-227] - Browser support for Safari
· [WGS-230] - Modularize components and wing(S|X) in general
· [WGS-231] - Include debugging console
· [WGS-232] - Test consequences and suitability of a CSS-reset
· [WGS-235] - Revise LogConfig
· [WGS-236] - Restructure Directory Layout
· [WGS-239] - Increase amount of scroll events fired when dragging the scrollbar
· [WGS-244] - Profile / improve performance of wingS and wingX
· [WGS-246] - Compactize docboox stuff

last updated on:
October 17th, 2007, 16:35 GMT
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
developed by:
wingS Team
ROOT \ Programming \ Code Generators
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