script4rss 0.4b

script4rss provides easily create scripts to convert HTML pages to RSS feeds.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Pieter Edelman
ROOT \ Programming \ Code Generators
script4rss provides easily create scripts to convert HTML pages to RSS feeds.

Some news Web sites don't work with RSS feeds yet. As a workaround, some feed readers offer the ability to run these sites through custom-written filters. Script4rss is a tool to aid in the creation of these filters.

A lot of sites however, don't have this ability (yet?!) As a workaround, some desktop aggregators like liferea and snownews offer the possibilty to convert HTML pages on-the-fly to feeds using customized filters. These filters are stand-alone programs which take the HTML code as input and spit out RSS code. While it is not really hard for even moderate programmers (like me) to create such filters, it can always be made easier.

Script4rss takes a plain text file which holds a description for how the particular site should be converted and creates a perl script which is able to do that in the most fast and efficient way (well, someday). Users don't have to know how to program but they need to know regular expressions (although there probably aren't a lot of these people).

At the moment, script4rss is in its early development, which translates to "it can be used but you have to figure out how yourself" and "if you screw up, the script does so as well".

Here are some key features of "script4rss":

Detect multiple catagories within an HTML page.
Extract information over multiple lines.
Pre-and append text in output.
Attempt to circumvent "variable" HTML.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed a bug that prevented strings without backspace to show up in the generated script

Last updated on April 12th, 2007

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