jOOQ Open Source Edition 3.5.0

This Open Source project provides a peace treaty between Java and SQL technologies
jOOQ Open Source Edition - This is how the jOOQ code looks like
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jOOQ (Java Object Oriented Querying) Open Source Edition is an open source and freely distributed version of the jOOQ command-line software implemented in Java and designed from the ground up to act as a tool for generating Java code from various databases.

The application includes a fluent API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to build type safe SQL queries. It is also distributed as two commercial editions, Professional and Enterprise.

Features at a glance

Key features of jOOQ Open Source Edition include support for generating Java code generation, support for active records, type safe SQL query support, SQL standard support, as well as vendor-specific feature support.

In addition, the software offers support for stored procedures, support or shared-schema or multi-schema multi-tenancy, hooks for SQL generation lifecycle, and support for SQL transformations.

Supports a wide variety of open-source databases

As expected, the Open Source Edition of jOOQ supports a wide variety of open-source databases, among which we can mention CUBRID, Apache Derby, Firebird, HSQLDB (HyperSQL DataBase), MySQL Community Edition, PostgreSQL, H2, as well as SQLite.

The commercial editions of jOOQ come with built-in support for all the aforementioned open-source databases, as well as for all the commercial databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle XE, Oracle Standard Edition, Oracle Enterprise Edition, Informix, IBM DB2, MySQL Enterprise Edition, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and Sybase SQL Anywhere.

Under the hood and supported operating systems

Taking a look under the hood of jOOQ, we can immediately notice that the application has been written entirely in the Java programming language, which means that is is supported on any computer operating system where the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is available.

At the moment, it has been successfully tested with numerous distributions of Linux, as well as with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit computer architectures.

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The Apache License 2.0 
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Data Geekery
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jOOQ Open Source Edition
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What's New in This Release:
  • The new Binding SPI:
  • The main improvement of this exciting release is the new org.jooq.Binding SPI which can be used to fully control all aspects of a user-type's JDBC interaction. This goes much further than the existing org.jooq.Converter SPI that can be used to map standard JDBC types to user-types. With the new Binding SPI, virtually *ALL* vendor-specific types can be supported now. Examples include PostgreSQL's JSON or HSTORE types, or Oracle's DATE type - which is really incorrectly represented via java.sql.Timestamp, which is why we have retrofitted the existing feature to use such bindings, now.
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jOOQ Open Source Edition is an open source, free and portable command-line software that has been designed from the gr...

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