g-pypi 0.3

Creates Gentoo Linux ebuilds using the Python Package Index.
g-pypi is a software that creates ebuilds for Gentoo Linux using information in PyPI (Python Package Index).

Basic Usage

Write ebuild and ebuilds for dependencies to your overlay:

 $ g-pypi package_name

Output ebuild to stdout:

 $ g-pypi -p package_name

By default your first overlay listed in /etc/make.conf PORTDIR_OVERLAY is used. If you want to use a different one, edit ~/.g-pypi/g-pypirc

By default your first KEYWORD listed in /etc/make.conf KEYWORDS is used. If you want to use a different one, edit ~/.g-pypi/g-pypirc

You can over-ride some variables if g-pypi can't figure out the PN, PV, MY_P etc.

-n or --PN=package-name -v or --PV=version --MY_P=my_p --MY_PN=my_pn --MY_PV=my_pv

If you don't specify a portage category with '-c' the ebuild will be placed in dev-python

Use '-V' for verbose output for debugging.


g-pypi is available in pythonhead's public overlay:

If you haven't emerged and configured app-portage/layman:

 $ emerge layman
 $ echo "source /usr/portage/local/layman/make.conf" >> /etc/make.conf


 $ layman --add pythonhead
 $ emerge g-pypi

Main features:

  • Write ebuilds to your overlay or to stdout
  • Determines DEPEND/RDEPEND if they are declared with setuptools install_requires and creates ebuilds for dependencies
  • Automagically calculates MY_P, MY_PN, MY_PV in many cases.
  • Adds PYTHON_MODNAME variable if the module != PN
  • Determines ${S} for you by unpacking ebuild
  • Can determine SRC_URI without downloading the package
  • Scans setup.py for tests and adds src_test() including checks for nose tests and adds dependency on nose and USE flag
  • Scans setup.py for setuptools and warns if it finds 'extras_requires' and other info
  • Convert Source Forge URL to mirror://sourceforge format
  • Maps over 20 known licenses in Python classifiers to proper portage-known licenses ($PORTDIR/licenses)
  • Can output ebuild to stdout in ansi color, bbcode, or html
  • Uses Cheetah for the ebuild template for easy customability

last updated on:
June 29th, 2012, 15:37 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Rob Cakebread
ROOT \ Programming \ Code Generators
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