alma 0.41

alma is a software workshop for modeling and analysing.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Guillaume Desnoix
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Alma is a software with the following functionalities :

· Reads several sources (languages, models, ...),
· Helps to design for object-oriented modeling (definition of classes, relations, patterns, ...)
· Modifies the structure and the code
· Outputs new sources, documentation, diagrams, ...

It is designed for object-oriented modelisation (definition of classes and relations) and for migrating (help to convert) code written in old languages to newer ones. It meets two needs : having a simplified software modeling workshop for small projects and make easier rewritings, ports and encapsulation of non-OO code.

This tool will be usefull for developers who get a code and wish to integrate it in a new project, to rewrite a program in a new language, and for the conceptor/architect who will have the possibilities to declare and manipulate classes.

Alma is able t oread these sources:

· C/C++ (simplified, no preprocessor)
· Class (compiled with jikes)
· Fortran 77 (partial implementation)
· IDL (quite complete implementation, no preprocessor)
· Java (quite complete implementation)
· JavaP (result of javap)
· JSP (Java Server Page)
· MDL (files from Irrational Rose)
· Pascal (partial implementation)
· TLD (Taglib for JSP)
· XMI (XML Metadata Interchange, see the site, partial)
· XSD (XML Schema, see the site, partial)

Alma is able to generate source-code for these languages:

· Autotest (Source code for automatic testing)
· C (headers and bodies)
· C++ (headers and bodies)
· Delphi (Object Pascal)
· Eiffel
· Gui (Editing JPanels)
· HTML documentation (similar to the javadoc tool)
· IDL (OMG, see the site)
· Java
· Lisp
· Natural (french)
· ODL (ODMG, see the site)
· Python
· Rebol (see the site)
· Resume
· Ruby (see the site)
· Sql (releases 2 and 3)
· SrcHtml
· Tom (see the site)
· Uml (only inheriting and relations diagrams)
· UXF (UML in a XML format, see the site)
· XmlProto (Description of a GUI in XML, should be used with Prototype)

Last updated on April 22nd, 2005

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