Twitter Bootstrap

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A smart framework for web development




Twitter Bootstrap is an open source software that allows web developers to build web applications and web pages easily and fast.

Designed by nerds, for nerds, Bootstrap from Twitter includes features like a 12-column responsive grid, JavaScript plugins, dozens of components, typography, and form controls.

A web-based customizer is also provides, to make your very own Bootstrap!
Last updated on November 1st, 2012
Twitter Bootstrap - Starter example - A barebones HTML document with all the Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript included.Twitter Bootstrap - Basic marketing site - Featuring a hero unit for a primary message and three supporting elementsTwitter Bootstrap - Fluid layout - Uses our new responsive, fluid grid system to create a seamless liquid layout.Twitter Bootstrap - Narrow marketing - Slim, lightweight marketing template for small projects or teams.Twitter Bootstrap - Sign in - Barebones sign in form with custom, larger form controls and a flexible layout.Twitter Bootstrap - Sticky footer - Pin a fixed-height footer to the bottom of the user's viewport.Twitter Bootstrap - Carousel jumbotron - A more interactive riff on the basic marketing site featuring a prominent carousel.

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