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Spikeflow is a software for developing e-services in a speedy and maintainable fashion.




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Spikeflow application was designed for developing e-services in a speedy and maintainable fashion. Build online applications faster, make changes quicker and integrate with your existing enterprise applications.

Information capture through electronic forms is an important aspect of the business process of many organizations. Hence the requirement for rapidly creating online forms is commonplace.

Here are some key features of "Spikeflow":

Graphical form-flow Creation: build your form flows using the Spikeflow Creator's interactive Graphical User Interface and literally see your flow design evolve in front of you.
Library of user interaction elements: exploit a rich library of user interaction elements that will enhance the user experience and minimize erroneous input.
Powerful validation scripting:
Support validations like required, less than/ equal/ greater than, matching regular expression, "in range" for time and numbers
Validation can span many fields
You can write custom validations in Java or Groovy
You can validate against a db or a web service
Formatting and styling options: inbuilt layouts and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) templates to create a pleasing end-user experience. The flexibility to design and use your own custom CSS templates.
Support for internationalization: build forms that support multiple languages where the online users can read informational text and enter data in the language of their choice.
Choices for data output: e-mail, .pdf or consumption by enterprise databases.
Easy Enterprise Application Integration (EAI): integrate captured data with Lotus Domino applications, relational databases or web services with ease.
Support for authentication services: inbuilt support for Nexus MultiID Authentication.

What's New in This Release:

The HTML templates were redesigned, making it much easier to change the layout.
Some bugs in the Creator were fixed.
A new sample flow was added to the site.
Last updated on April 3rd, 2008

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