Skyway Builder Community Edition

6.3.1 GPL v3    
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Code generation and scaffolding for Spring-based web app development




As the open source version of Skyway Builder, the Community Edition (CE) provides code scaffolding and generation capabilities for developers looking to accelerate their delivery of Spring web applications. Running as an Eclipse plug-in, Skyway Builder CE is available for download. Key features include:

* Open source licensing (GPL v3)
* Support for Spring MVC CRUD scaffolding, project bootstrapping, skeletal code generation and model-driven development - Watch demo
* Spring Web Flow project bootstrapping support and integrated graphical web flow editor
* Project-level and artifact-level customization of code generation specifications
* Integration with existing Java code, data objects and Spring Beans
* Reverse engineering of database schemas into Spring DSL
* Support for Eclipse-based and Apache Maven based project structures and build systems
* Runtime using Spring Framework 2.5 (w/ Hibernate JPA)
* EMF-based code generation engine that can be extended via Eclipse plug-in development
Last updated on November 10th, 2009

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