SIDE 3.1.0 Alpha

Sustainable IDE

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What's new in SIDE 2.0.97:

  • Various bugs have been corrected with forms and views designers.
  • Concerning forms, read-only forms can't be created and read-only attributes in forms don't update when the language changes, and a dropdown list is available to select the content type when uploading a document.
  • Concerning views, generation fails if no facetmap view is defined.
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GPL v3 
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ IDEs
SIDE (Sustainable IDE) is a graphical tool for developers who want to build sustainable software. This software will evolve smoothly with your business and infrastructure requirements thanks to the use of models, which allow a high level of abstraction, close to thinking, far from technologies...

SIDE implements KerBlue specifications. SIDE provides:

* a set of meta models
* a set of graphical designers
* a set of generators
* a set of deployers

What is Sustainable Software?

Sustainable software is software you can extend easily, from a functional or technological point of view. On one hand, this means that when a user has a new requirement, it's easy for any developper to add it, even if the original author is not there anymore. On another hand, if you want to change the underlying technologies, you don't need to rewrite your existing application from scratch.

Sustainable Software gives you the freedom to change, of technology, of requirements, of achitecture.

Open Source gives you 4 main freedoms: freedom to use, to study, to modify and to copy. While being very interesting, one freedom is lacking. This is the freedom to change. You think you can change, but you can't. Have you ever suggested to your CTO to rewrite all the applications in php, or in Java, or in .Net, ...? Of course not, it should merely be too expensive to rewrite applications from scratch. But the most surprising is people don't change their way of developing applications. They use open source and think they are free, but how really are they?

Last updated on January 25th, 2011

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