Redet 8.26

Redet is a tool for developing and executing regular expressions.
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Bill Poser
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Redet also known as Regular Expression Development and Execution Tool is a tool for developing and executing regular expressions using any of more than 20 search programs, editors, and programming languages.

For each program in each locale a palette showing the available regular expression constructs is provided. The features of each program are determined by running a test suite, which guarantees that they will be correct for the particular program version in use and for the user's locale.

The locale may be changed without exiting Redet. Selections from the palette may be copied to the regular expression window with a mouse click. Definitions can be added to the palette via an initialization file.

The regular expressions executed are recorded in a history list, from which entries may be copied to the regular expression window with a mouse click. This allows complex regular expressions to be developed in pieces.

When a suitable regular expression has been constructed it may be saved to a file. Named character classes may be defined in a file or entered interactively. As long as the underlying program supports Unicode, Redet fully supports UTF-8 Unicode.

Programs Supported:

� agrep (TRE)
� agrep (Wu-Manber)
� awk
� bash
� ed
� egrep
� emacs
� euphoria
� fgrep
� gawk
� grep
� guile
� icon
� java
� javascript
� judoscript
� lua
� mawk
� nawk
� perl
� php-mb
� php-pcre
� php-posix
� pike
� python
� rebol
� ruby
� sed
� sleep
� sleepwc
� tcl
� tclglob
� tcsh
� tr

Last updated on September 12th, 2008

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What's new in Redet 8.26:

  • The palette window now responds properly to resizing.
  • Several bugs triggered by setting certain parameters in the init file have been fixed.
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