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Python library for PS3 (Sony Playstation 3) game development under Linux.




Python library for PS3 (Sony Playstation 3) game development under Linux. Includes: rendering to the PS3 frame buffer on a per pixel basis or with blittable objects (solid, masked or alpha blended), support for PS3 controllers and integration with PIL.

As you may know, I've been writing my PS3 stuff with a view to building up a library suitable for writing games and as I thought about it more the idea of using a scripting language for the game seemed the most logical way forward. I plumped on python as I'd used it before for a couple of small jobs and it seemed like a nice language with a lot of support. Plus, it has the advantage of being pre-installed on most Linux distributions and very easy to extend, and so the PS3 library for python was born...

Brief bullet points of the current build:

Support for the PS3 frame buffer on a per pixel basis
Support for blittable objects (solid, masked or alpha blended)
Support for the PS3 controllers
Easy integration with PIL for image manipulation and text rendering

A proof-of-concept breakout game

After about a day and a half development, the core of the library was in place but in a not very visible way. It seemed that the only way I could actually demonstrate this to all be good stuff is by writing a quick game. And breakout is one of the simplest, so I spent another day writing that. It's important to have a good demo on release... So, I'll settle for this half-hearted attempt at a breakout game whose main redeeming feature is that it has alpha transparency on all the blocks!

Just to whet your interest, here's an example of how easy the code can be (taken directly from the file):

image = Blittable("miglu.jpg"))
for count in xrange(screen.height-image.height):
screen.blit(image, (count,count) )

What's New in This Release:

Patched bootable image to work under PS3 firmware 2.10, functionally identical to 0.2.7 release.
Last updated on December 28th, 2007

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