PhpDocumentor 1.3.2

PHPDocumentor is a PHP script for creating javaDoc-style documentation from PHP code.

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The PHP License 
2.0/5 1
Joshua Eichorn
ROOT \ Programming \ Code Generators
PHPDocumentor is a PHP script for creating javaDoc-style documentation from PHP code. It can document object-oriented and procedural code. PhpDocumentor project supports all javaDoc tags, including inline links, and also supports PHPdoc documentation in PEAR style.

Here are some key features of "PhpDocumentor":

output in HTML, PDF (directly), CHM (with windows help compiler), XML DocBook
very fast
web and command-line interface
fully customizable output with Smarty-based templates
recognizes JavaDoc-style documentation with special tags customized for PHP 4
automatic linking, class inheritance diagrams and intelligent override
customizable source code highlighting, with phpxref-style cross-referencing
parses standard README/CHANGELOG/INSTALL/FAQ files and includes them directly in documentation
generates a todo list from @todo tags in source
generates multiple documentation sets based on @access private, @internal and {@internal} tags
example php files can be placed directly in documentation with highlighting and phpxref linking using the @example tag
linking between external manual and API documentation is possible at the sub-section level in all output formats
easily extended for specific documentation needs with Converter
full documentation of every feature, manual can be generated directly from the source code with "phpdoc -c makedocs" in any format desired.

What's New in This Release:

[ 1667333 ] Mishandled Param = 0 Default in Converters
[ 1656902 ] Error when converting class that extends Exception
[ 1640392 ] docBuilder user directory
[ 1634369 ] @global syntax in @name example
[ 1633275 ] Update TODO Links to SF/PEAR Buglists
[ 1631553 ] Docs Say TODO on INCLUDE Is OK
[ 1620470 ] Ensure No Pathing Given in Output Converter Name
[ 1620396 ] INSTALL is wrong and outdated
[ 1614286 ] Fix Indexing of Constants
[ 1611861 ] Fix --hidden flag handling
[ 1611847 ] Fix PEAR Bug #9366
[ 1602961 ] "--hidden off" / "-dh off" results in hidden=true
[ 1590240 ] Double Tab-Count after Shell # Comment in SourceCode
[ 1589650 ] Segfault with PHP 5.2
[ 1588175 ] const elements sorting incorrectly
[ 1586917 ] Object of class parserLinkInlineTag could not be converted
[ 1585879 ] Fix the error text for Includes without docblock
[ 1585875 ] Error text for Includes without docblock is incorrect
[ 1583877 ] tagsort corrections in
[ 1583850 ] "Created by PhpDoc", not "Somesite"
[ 1573816 ] CHM default template does not set help file title
[ 1570942 ] Grammar/Typo Corrections in Tutorial
[ 1548910 ] Do not copy ".svn" and "CVS" dirs from media fol
[ 1545418 ] Duplicated title in generated tutorials (docbook)
[ 1544661 ] bteer line number alignment in smarty::php html template
[ 1543686 ] Doesn't treat interface level docblock like class level docb
[ 1525150 ] tag information displayed in random order
[ 1518565 ] "-q off" different then not passing it
[ 1348589 ] @copyright bug?
- fixed these bugs reported in PEAR:
Bug # 9151: ReflectionException when documenting classes derived from PHP internal classes
Bug # 9366: Last line with comment in disappears
Bug # 9673: potential major security issue
Bug # 9915: PHP Notice in PDF Converter
Bug # 9937: Security Exploit CVE-2005-4593
Bug #10266: List in @todo tags not processed correctly
Bug #10289: Hangs at "Converting tutorials"

Last updated on April 14th, 2007

#code generator #PHP script #documentation creator #PHP #code #generator #documentation

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