MySqueaks 1.0.5

MySqueaks is the short name for My Simplified Quality Expressions (SQX), a simple PHP class that generates SQL statements.

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GPL v3 
Jun Kwang
ROOT \ Programming \ Code Generators
MySqueaks project is the short name for My Simplified Quality Expressions (SQX), a simple PHP class that generates SQL statements. This facilitates an easier understanding of the different parts and conditions of a SQL statement, making it more user-friendly for beginner programmers. The use of the object-orientated (OO) approach allows for a flexible implementation in any form of usage as well. MySqueaks is released under GPL - please open the LICENSE file using any plain text editor included to read and accept the license before you use MySqueaks.

Work on MySqueaks started as a fork project from my other open-source software, the frsb blogging system. I was thinking of a novel implementation for writing SQL statements, and I thought of encapsulating those "commands" in the form of an easy-to-use class. Coincidentally, I was taking a database management module in my University, and the course uses a combination of PHP and MySQL for the practical implementation. Hence, I thought that this would also be a good way to not only better my understanding of MySQL, but also ease the SQL implementation for beginners as well.

The contents of this documentation will touch on the various member functions and global constants as coded and recognised in the source code, organised into the parts shown in the menu on the left. The menu takes advantage of Javascript to position it at the top left corner regardless of where you scroll on the page, so you are highly encouraged to enable Javascript. If you prefer not to however, you can still click on the [menu] link at the section headers to bring you to the menu bar. Parts of the documentation that are in bold and green like this indicates the differences between 0.9.7 beta and 1.0.0/1.0.3.

What's New in This Release:

This release adds bugfixes for Drop() and RenameTable(), updated code for ChangeDatabase() to Clear(), and updated code for DropTable() to do DROP TABLE IF EXISTS.

Last updated on July 28th, 2007

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