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Code Crusader is a graphical IDE (Integrated Development Environment) designed to smoothly integrate the tasks of working with source files, compiling, and debugging, in short everything involved in developing code.

Code Crusader is designed to help experienced programmers be as productive as possible. Rather than attempting to hold the user's hand at every step and thereby force everything to be done in one particular way, Code Crusader provides a framework within which programmers can easily and efficiently use their preferred tools for compiling, linking, version control, etc.

Code Crusader is not designed only for the experienced programmer, however. The on-line help includes a tutorial to help beginners get started, and the default configuration is designed to work with gcc, g++, javac, and g77.

Thes "project template" feature allows any programmer to create and save custom configurations. When a project is created from a template, the programmer can immediately begin coding because everything has already been configured.

Project templates also make Code Crusader ideal for use in the classroom. The teacher can create a template for each assignment, including skeleton source code, README files, etc., so the students can concentrate on the main goal. However, since Code Crusader provides direct access to the underlying tools, the students also have the opportunity to learn how these tools work, which is invaluable when applying for a job.
Last updated on December 6th, 2010
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