Codavaj 1.3.0

codavaj is javadoc in reverse.

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What's new in Codavaj 1.3.0:

  • New features include the ability to process 1.5 Enums, process Java 1.6 language constructs, notably Generics and Annotations, and process Javadoc generated by Javadoc 1.6.
  • This release supports platform-independent output (source code) formatting.
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The Apache License 2.0 
Peter Klauser
ROOT \ Programming \ Code Generators
codavaj is javadoc in reverse. A seemingly useless tool. Arguably of interest only to the most hardcore java hackers. A "must have" in every geek's software toolbox. ( hitchhikers guide entry Nr. 151776 ).

Codavaj is a reverse engineering tool with focus on Javadoc. Currently codavaj is distributed as a command line tool ( codavaj.cmd - using org.codavaj.Main class ). A 100% java tool.

You can:

- convert an entire local javadoc tree into java source code.
- download an entire remote javadoc tree via http(s).
- derive a Reflection-like API based on information derived from a javadoc tree.

Codavaj works by converting javadoc HTML into XML by using Nekohtml and then successively deriving class information from the XML using XPATH queries ( using dom4j ).

Not because i lost the sources for some code - but miraculously still had the javadoc for it! This wouldn't help much anyway because codavaj leaves you with a TODO for each method implementation.

For me this was simply an intellectual challenge - a side battle in a hobby programmer's grand master plan. As a bonus i managed to improve my XPATH query skills a bit. It took me 2 full working weeks to get the initial version out. If I needed this once, then there's bound to be someone out there who might like to use it, for whatever reason. It probably will save them the 2 weeks too.

Last updated on September 28th, 2009


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