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CGIScripter is a multi-platform development application which instantly writes Perl CGI scripts for MySQL, Oracle, etc.
CGIScripter is a multi-platform development application which instantly writes Perl CGI scripts for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access, PostgreSQL, DB2, FrontBase and FileMaker 7 databases. The robust Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter allow insert, query, update and delete for all datatypes stored within MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 and PostgreSQL database tables (including images and large text columns). The well-documented Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter utilize industry standard best practices regarding web form processing, and also include complete SQL table creation code and HTML files.

CGIScripter is available for MacOS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris, a functional demo may be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Main features:

  • Quickly Prototype and Test Database Web Applications - Use CGIScripter to quickly prototype and test web-based database solutions prior to full scale production implementation. CGIScripter writes code in seconds which would normally take days or even weeks of development effort if developed manually. Web application changes can be quickly prototyped and tested with different options in order to validate usability and functionality.
  • black bulletSave Thousands of Dollars with Generated Perl CGI Scripts - CGIScripter instantly generates robust Perl CGI scripts allowing insert, query, update and delete of records within databases. IT departments can save thousands of dollars and weeks of development/debugging effort over manually created scripts.
  • black bulletSave $3,500 - $10,000 on ODBC drivers for UNIX web servers - Perl CGI scripts generated for Access and SQL Server databases for Linux/UNIX/MacOS X web servers utilize the open source Perl DBI:Proxy software eliminating the need for ODBC drivers to be installed on the web server. This means that IT departments can typically save $3500 to $10,000 per web server which would normally be required in order to license ODBC drivers for UNIX servers.
  • black bulletHost MySQL Data at Virtually Any ISP - The MySQL database is the most popular open-source database available today. Virtually every ISP offers inexpensive MySQL database hosting with their hosting plans. Some ISPs even offer free MySQL database hosting after payment of a minimal setup fee. By using a MySQL database for a web application you have a wide choice of economical database hosting providers.
  • black bulletSQL Scripts Improve Developer Productivity - CGIScripter generates Oracle table and tablespace creation scripts, and table creation scripts for all other supported databases. Developers who have never previously worked with one of these database servers can effortlessly create the basic SQL code required to create the destination database table or tablespace to hold web application data. CGIScripter will also automatically attempt to identify and implement a unique primary key for your new database table and will create the appropriate Oracle trigger and incrementing sequence too.
  • black bulletProcess Images via the Web With Ease - The Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter automatically provide support for insert/update/view/delete of GIF/JPEG images via a web-based interface. The generated Perl CGI scripts automatically perform special processing for all image type fields in order to enable web users to work with image data within the database. Non-image data (such as pdf, wav, MS Word and binary data) can also be processed with no programming changes to the generated files. These specialized data types are stored within the appropriate BLOB/LongBLOB column type within the database table.
  • black bulletNo syntax errors - CGIScripter generates syntactically correct code containing no typo errors. Developers can eliminate virtually all Perl and SQL debugging time and concentrate on the overall software development task.
  • black bulletMulti-Platform Support - The CGIScripter application runs on MacOS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems. The Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter operate on Apache and IIS web servers running on Windows and UNIX/Linux/MacOS X operating systems. This multi-platform compatiblity provides IT departments with the flexibility to economically develop and deploy web applications on the platform which is most appropriate for their existing installed infrastructure.
  • black bulletEconomical Infrastructure - The Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter leverage popular industry-standard open source software including Apache (Linux/UNIX/MacOS X/Windows), Perl 5.6, MySQL, DBI/DBD and IT departments can save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars utilizing these scripts with an open source infrastructure instead of purchasing high-cost application server software.
  • black bulletSupport for Multiple Database Servers - CGIScripter currently supports the development of Perl CGI scripts for MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and FrontBase databases. The internal architecture of the CGIScripter application is designed in a flexible manner to enable the support of additional database servers in the future.
  • black bulletSave Your Configuration - CGIScripter permits developers to create and save configuration information for the web application being developed. This configuration information can be reloaded and updated at any time (including Perl CGI Auto-Enter and Validation parameters).
  • black bulletDBA Can Review/Modify Generated Scripts - Unlike some development tools which transparently send commands directly to the database, CGIScripter permits a DBA to review and customize the table creation script prior to executing it on the database server. Smaller companies who don't employ an onsite DBA will appreciate the fact that software developers can create syntactically correct SQL code without incurring the expense of hiring outside database consultants.
  • black bulletIterative Process - Because CGIScripter makes the process so efficient, it is possible to instantly re-create updated Perl CGI scripts based upon changes made to software specification. The File Version field permits multiple numbered versions of script files to be created and saved for future use. This versioning method enables developers to simultaneously test multiple versions of web applications on the same server.
  • black bulletSimple Graphical Interface - CGIScripter incorporates an uncluttered user interface consisting of a small number of folder tabs of information for the developer to enter. This user interface design improves productivity by enabling the developer to quickly view or update information for any form or field within the web applicaiton. Online help is also available in order to provide descriptions of the information required for each field, troubleshooting tips and complete How To instructions.
  • black bulletFollow Security Best Practices for Perl CGI Programming - The Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter are designed to follow industry standard best practices regarding web form processing. Denial of service attacks are prevented by not allowing file uploads unless image/BLOB data is being submitted by the form. Critical web form processing parameters are hard-coded within each script instead of being accepted via POST or GET operations - thus preventing web form hijacking. Web attackers cannot view sensitive data by guessing at and passing in their own database column names for processing. The record deletion script carefully checks the referrer of delete requests in order to insure that the request was submitted via a trusted web server URL. Attempts by an attacker to submit to this form from other web servers will fail. Security is further enhanced by insuring that the functionality of record deletion is incorporated within a separate series of scripts which can be omitted from installation on publicly accessible web servers.
  • black bulletPerl CGI Scripts Follow Form Based Structure for Improved Security - It is a common web development technique to use different forms to limit the information which is accessible by different groups of users. CGIScripter generates different sets of Perl CGI scripts for each web form in order to enhance the security of web-based applications. Each Perl CGI script generated by CGIScripter makes use of hard-coded database column names and input parameters in order to insure that a web attacker cannot compromise security.
  • Junior Programmers Can Code Perl CGI Scripts Like Experts - CGIScripter generates Perl CGI scripts which follow industry standard best practices in regards to form validation, security and features. A junior programmer would need to read most of the books shown here in order to master the skills of web programming. Most people simply do not have the time to read this many books before their project needs to be completed! CGIScripter economically reduces the learning curve for creating well documented, robust Perl CGI scripts which contain better security features than the typical scripts written by a junior programmer. CGIScripter generates these scripts within a few seconds instead of the days or weeks of programming, testing and debugging which would normally be required. CGIScripter Enterprise Edition pricing for an unlimited user site license is far less expensive than the price of this stack of computer books.
  • black bulletPerl Source Code Included - CGIScripter includes the Perl source code which is used to generate the HTML, SQL and Perl CGI scripts. These scripts are available to the developer in order to enable modification of the generated output code.
  • black bulletEconomical Enterprise Edition Site Licensing - CGIScripter Enterprise Edition licensing includes use of the application by an unlimited number of users at any one site. CGIScripter Enterprise Edition licensing is priced close to the cost of a good computer book - and this price includes the unlimited user site license. Entire IT departments can improve programming efficiency by standardizing on the feature-rich and securely designed scripts generated by CGIScripter.
  • black bulletEasy CGIScripter Installation and Licensing - There are no license keys or dongles required in order to install the licensed version of CGIScripter. .com Solutions Inc. trusts its customers to abide by the License Agreement and Copyright laws when using this application. This licensing method builds customer loyalty and greatly reduces the amount of time which is nonproductively spent by customers and software developers who manage and implement a complex license key system. This time can be much more productively spent by .com Solutions Inc. to implement new features requested by its customers. . Installing CGIScripter is as simple as decompressing the downloaded file and moving the CGIScripter executable wherever you want to install it. CGIScripter Enterprise Edition is licensed at an economical price on a site-licensed basis, including use by an unlimited number of users. Note: For licensing purposes, a corporate campus site of buildings clustered together is considered one site.

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