bogatyr 0.96

A Java program framework to create easily Java applications
Bogatyr is a Java program framework to create easily Java applications.

Usage: Runner < Application > < >

Main features:

  • Completly written in Java 1.6
  • Platform independent
  • Fully configurable with properties (you can easy add your own property reader, e.g. for db access)
  • Multi-language support with i18n standard (you can easy add your own localizer, e.g. for db access)
  • Synchron and asynchron client/sever architecture, security manager to validate all client actions, DOS and overload protection
  • Symmetric (e.g. AES) and asymmetric (e.g. RSA) cryptographic engine with key wrapper and X.509 reader
  • HashCode generator for SHA256, MD5, RIPE160 and much more
  • Scrambler to obfuscate data quickly
  • Start external processes (incl. launchers for a webbrowser and files, e.g. PDF)
  • Splash screen (timer and switch on/off)
  • Plenty helper classes (utils and GUI components) like Base64 and Hex converter, I/O operations (move, copy, search, read, write), random key generator, generic toString() method
  • Powerful networking classes (e.g. use of a proxy, URL reading, HTTP authentication, datagram dumper)
  • PDF generator for components and HTML sites
  • Sound class with support for sequences (e.g. MIDI) and sampled audio (e.g. WAV, AU)
  • Graphic and image classes for read, write (e.g. JPG, PNG, GIF) and modify images
  • Printer helper class for printing components and graphic objects
  • Math class for operations like log, round, gaussian, fractional error, cumulative normal distribution, prime numbers, least commom multiple, greatest common divisor
  • Chart for GUI layout (colums/rows with naming)
  • SQL provider with methods for update and execute
  • Connector for IBM MQSeries to send and receive messages
  • Compress files (zip) and streams (GZip)
  • JUnit tests for all classes
  • Automatic application updater with the ability to update the application or files from a given file or internet site
  • Timer for count the time up and down (e.g. as some kind of “stop watch”)
  • JAXB generic un-/marshaller
  • Scaling of images

last updated on:
June 6th, 2011, 7:33 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
The Bogatyr Team
ROOT \ Programming \ Code Generators
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What's New in version 0.90
  • Unit conversions (area, bit, length, time, volume, weight)
  • Profiler to count the execution time java code
  • FastHash for hashing large data
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