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A Command Line Interface for Roundup
roundup-cli is a simple command-line interface (CLI) for the Roundup Issue Tracker. It uses the XML-RPC interface to communicate with Roundup.


roundup-cli will look for a configuration file in this order, ~/.roundup.cfg. The format is based on configparser.

A section describe parameters for a roundup instance. url, username and password are required entries like this:

url = http://localhost:8000/roundup
username = foo
password = bar

Any other entries will be used to display the corresponding roundup class. It must be a comma separated list of field names, the first field will be used for short display:

issue = title,priority,status,superseder,nosy,assignedto,keyword
user = username,realname,organisation,address
msg = author,date,content


Here a simple scenario:

$ roundup-cli
None: use foo
demo: get issue1
 title: Add issue creation to roundup-cli
 priority: feature
 status: in-progress
 nosy: admin,demo
 assignedto: admin
issue1@demo: show messages
 author: demo
 date: < Date 2011-11-25.20:58:30.768 >
 content: It will be great to create issue from roundup-cli
 author: admin
 date: < Date 2011-11-25.20:59:06.176 >
 content: Agree, I start working on it.
issue1@demo: search issue status:in-progress
 issue1: Add issue creation to roundup-cli

For more information please visit the roundup-cli website.

last updated on:
November 29th, 2011, 12:23 GMT
developed by:
Cedric Krier
license type:
BSD License 
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