github-cli 1.0.0

A command-line interface to the GitHub Issues API v2.

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BSD License 
Sander Smits
ROOT \ Programming \ Bug Tracking
github-cli is a Python module that provides a script called ghi, that can be used to access all of GitHub's documented Issues API (v2) functionality from your command-line.

github-cli is written in Python



sudo pip install github-cli


sudo easy_install github-cli

from source

sudo pip install -e git://


git clone git://
cd github-cli
python build
sudo python install

the ghi executable will be installed into a system bin directory


make sure your GitHub username and API token are added to the global git config:

git config --global github.user < your GitHub username >
git config --global github.token < your GitHub API token >

you can find the username and API token on your GitHub's account page


inside a git working directory with an origin that is hosted on GitHub, you can do this (note: with the -r option, commands can be invoked from anywhere):

(github-cli)[jsmits@imac:~]$ ghi --help
Usage: ghi command [args] [options]

ghi list [-s open|closed|all] # show open, closed or all issues (default: open)
ghi [-s o|c|a] -v # same as above, but with issue details
ghi # same as: ghi list
ghi -v # same as: ghi list -v
ghi [-s o|c] -w # show issues' GitHub page in web browser (default: open)
ghi show < nr > # show issue < nr >
ghi < nr > # same as: ghi show < nr >
ghi < nr > -w # show issue < nr >'s GitHub page in web browser
ghi open (o) # create a new issue (with $EDITOR)
ghi close (c) < nr > # close issue < nr >
ghi open (o) < nr > # reopen issue < nr >
ghi edit (e) < nr > # edit issue < nr > (with $EDITOR)
ghi label add (al) < label > < nr > # add < label > to issue < nr >
ghi label remove (rl) < label > < nr > # remove < label > from issue < nr >
ghi search (s) < term > [-s open|closed] # search for in open or closed issues (default: open)
ghi s < term > [-s o|c] -v # same as above, but with details
ghi comment (m) < nr > # create a comment for issue < nr > (with $EDITOR)
ghi -r < user >/< repo > # specify a repository (can be used for all commands)
ghi -r < repo > # specify a repository (gets user from global git config)

Description: command-line interface to GitHub's Issues API (v2)

 -h, --help show this help message and exit
 -v, --verbose show issue details (only for list and search commands)
 [default: False]
 -s STATE, --state=STATE
 specify state (only for list and search (except `all`)
 commands) choices are: open (o), closed (c), all (a)
 [default: open]
 -r REPO, --repo=REPO, --repository=REPO
 specify a repository (format: `user/repo` or just
 `repo` (latter will get the user from the global git
 -w, --web, --webbrowser
 show issue(s) GitHub page in web browser (only for
 list and show commands) [default: False]

Last updated on November 10th, 2011


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