git-ticket 0.4

Git and issue tracking system integration
git-ticket is a git extension to help developers manage the issue/ticket tracking system.

git-ticket supports github, bitbucket, and redmine.

This tool is currentry under development state and not tested enough.


From PyPI:

pip install gitticket

or github(unstable):

pip install -e git+



For github,

git config ticket.github.token < your_access_token >

To get your access token, try this:

git ticket github-authorize

For bitbucket,

git config ticket.bitbucket.token < your_access_token >
git config ticket.bitbucket.token-secret < your_access_token_secret >

To get your access token and access token secret, try this:

git ticket bitbucket-authorize

For redmine,

git config ticket.redmine.token < your_apikey >
git config ticket.redmine.url < your_redmine_root >

And some other settings:

git config < your_account_name_for_a_service > # if no value, guess from
git config ticket.service < service_name > # if no value, guess from origin url
git config ticket.repo < repository_name > # if no value, guess from origin url or root derectory name.

For Redmine service, you must set ticket.service=redmine.

list a ticket

git ticket list

show detail

git ticket show < issue id >

add a ticket

git ticket add

update a ticket

git ticket update < issue id >

comment to a ticket

git ticket comment < issue id >

close a ticket

git ticket close < issue id >

last updated on:
September 23rd, 2012, 23:10 GMT
developed by:
Hiroyuki Tanaka
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
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