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fixx is a bug tracker and issue tracker tool that simplifies your work and helps you deliver better software.




fixx is a bug tracker and issue tracker tool that simplifies your work and helps you deliver better software.

By focusing on the needs of software developers and their managers, fixx enables you to collaborate, painlessly resolve bugs, and deliver quality software in time.

Great user experience

We know the feeling of using bloated enterprise bug tracking software.

fixx was designed to do one thing well, and that is bug tracking.

Web-based and standards compliant

fixx is a web-based application with a web-browser interface for bug tracking, allowing easy access to both internal and external users.

fixx is the perfect bug tracking solution for a web designer/developer or a web design house to improve your standards credentials with clients.

Built on enterprise-grade technologies

fixx is built on enterprise-grade technologies like Struts 2 and Hibernate, which means you do not have to worry about scaling your bug tracker when your needs grow, ensuring you have a bug tracking solution which is robust and secure.

Transparent and simplified licensing to ease your decision making process

Our pricing is clearly available for everyone without having to jump through hoops "to get a quote". There are absolutely no hidden costs

Free for life for a single user & open source or non-profit projects

If you are a freelancer or one-person company, then fixx is free for a single user. This includes "client users" as you do not need extra licenses for clients (who get a restricted interface to fixx).

If you are an open source project or a non-profit, you get fixx for free.

Painless installation

fixx will run on any system that supports Java and on all the major database engines.

You can get up and running on fixx with our painless installation process in less than 5 minutes!

Exceptional support & service

We know that good software is only half the requirement when choosing a supplier for your enterprise. We provide exceptional support and service, engage in conversations with our customers, and ensure that all support you get will be direct from the developers of fixx.

No call centre or tech support staff to test your patience!

Open system and API goodness

fixx has been built with the aim of data portability (fixx supports Open ID and Microformants) and our REST API will ensure that you can use fixx from any interface you choose. Your data is not locked down and is open and accessible for you to take it with you wherever you want.

Cool features

Although more features do not make a better system, we have a few interesting features in the pipeline. Some of the features we have planned are,

A tool to allow bug reporters to "record" the scenario which generates a bug, ensuring that you never have to feel the pain of incomplete "Steps to reproduce" again!
Integration with Eclipse and Visual Studio .NET for developers.
Integration with popular CRM and project management systems.

Coming soon, in your language

fixx has been designed as a bug tracking system for an international audience from the ground-up. Although the first version of fixx is only available in English, future versions will provide support for French, Spanish, German and Portugese to support multi-national teams.

What's New in This Release:

An iPhone interface was added.
The ability to have private or restricted projects was added.
Various bugs were fixed.
Last updated on August 22nd, 2008

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