Splaticus 0.5

Splaticus is a command-line-based bug management system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.7/5 13
Jeff Smith
ROOT \ Programming \ Bug Tracking
Splaticus is a command-line-based bug tracker. It is intended for small projects that are managed entirely by a single developer, but can also be used as a quick and easy project task organizer for developers who are contributing to larger projects and want something right there in the command line, rather than having to interface with larger, bulkier and slower tools.

In addition to the solo-user model, the other goal here is speed. While groupware bug managers such as Bugzilla or Mantis are great at keeping teams of people on the same page, they are also slow to use. Opening browsers, refreshing pages, waiting for entries to submit - all these things take time. And when you're pedal-to-the-metal, coding at the speed of sound, jumping off the Zen-like roller-coaster that is your bit-hacking life to wait for stupid tools to catch up to you can really deflate your Karma.

To keep things fast and simple, EVERYTHING about a bug, except for the actual notes you post, is tracked via keywords. Open/close status, active/inactive, severity, reproducibility - all of those are just keywords that get tagged against the record. For convenience, there is a "splaticus open" and "splaticus close" command that will handle those two, fundamentally useful tags, but things like severity, target OS, and all the usual bell-and-whistle details from other, more sophisticated bug trackers can be had by simply assigning the appropriate keyword. This means that you can customize the way you keep bugs and you don't have to conform to the way I like to do it.

The implementation is ANSI C, with a file-based SQL back end provided by Sqlite3. There's no need for complex DB setup, account management, user registration or any of the other overhead that dogs most other trackers.

What's New in This Release:

Most basic functions are now working.
The code is usable for trial and testing.
The purpose of this release is to allow users to get started building up their bug records and to provide feedback about usability and suggested features.

Last updated on March 10th, 2008

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