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PHP Trouble Ticket project provides a centralized means of problem reporting and tracking.




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PHP Trouble Ticket project provides a centralized means of problem reporting and tracking in multi-user environments (medium to large companies, development groups, etc.).

It helps direct problem reports to the responsible administrator(s), keeps track of the status of a problem being worked on, and offers an up-to-date list of recent changes applied. It aims to be widely configurable, easy-to-use even for those not technically inclined, and multi-language capable.

Here are some key features of "PHP Trouble Ticket":

problem reporting
submitting update-info
email-notification of administrators
email-notification sent to problem reporter after ticket is modified or closed
watch-function for tickets to be kept up to date on progress of chosen tickets
file attachments (including on-the-fly virus checking with external virus-scanner)
powerful list/search function with paged browsing
tickets can be set into relations/dependencies
ticket quick-search function directly from the main index
quickly access all your own tickets from the main index page
printer-friendly display of lists and ticket details
css style sheet support for easy customisation
easy multiple-select/close/delete functions
username/password protected logins
varying levels of permissions/access-rights
the scope of unprivileged users can be limited to their own tickets
new users can either sign up at the login page or be created by the superuser from the administration page
detailed userlist available for administrators with info on last login and included search function
online configuration of all major options
configuration of the expert/administrator information
deadlines for trouble tickets
up to five customizable datafields
changes and entire tickets can be hidden from unprivileged users by the operators
"locking" areas against change by other administrators
national language support (included: english, german. Other language files are made available separately on the download page)
date/Time format configurable to suit national format
ability of the program to work with PHP's "safe mode" and "open basedir" security mechanisms


Apache (recommended)
MySQL (recommended)
PostgreSQL (optional)

What's New in This Release:

A ticket-"watch" function to stay informed on the progress of tickets has been added.
Tickets can now be set in relation to other tickets by one of the following: "is related to", "is a duplicate of", and "depends on".
Users can close their own tickets if the problem was resolved without an expert.
Tickets can also be re-opened if a problem persists that was presumably solved; this can be limited or disabled in the configuration.
Long change entries in ticket lists can be truncated to a defined length, giving a "read more" link to display the rest.
Areas can now be renamed.
Last updated on April 26th, 2007
PHP Trouble TicketPHP Trouble TicketPHP Trouble Ticket

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