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Distributed bug tracking for Git




GitIssius is an issue tracker integrated in your Git repository. In other words a distributed bug tracker.

Why bother?

Your code lives in your git repo. Your documentation lives in your git repo. Why aren’t your bugs in your git repo?

Git provides a really great version control system. Unlike other systems though it does not provide any functionallality related to issue / bug tracking. You have to rely on 3rd party systems like Bugzilla or GitHub issue tracker to track your bugs.

This is fundamentally wrong!

-    Because you quit your programming enviroment to visit webpages to add / view bugs.
-    Because the bugs are not stored in the same place as your code and / or documentation.
-    Because you cannot edit / view your bugs offline.

GitIssius comes in action

GitIssius stores your bugs in the same repo where your code lives. It creates another branch named ‘gitissius’ which you don’t have to checkout ever. Provides a git command named ‘issius’ to control you issues.

It was inspired by other distributed bug tracking systems like Fossil, BugsEverywhere and Ditz. Started as a fork of git-issues but then realized that I wanted a completelly different code base, so I wrote most things from scratch.


    ~$ git clone
    ~$ cd gitissius && sudo python install


    After you finish GitIssius installation go to a git repository.

    ~$ cd /my/git/repo
    Start using GitIssius immediatelly!

    Add a new issue
        ~$ git issius new
    List issues
        ~$ git issius list
    List issues assigned to you
        ~$ git issius myissues
    Show an issue
        ~$ git issius show [issue id]
    Comment on an issues
        ~$ git issius comment [issue id]
    Close an issue
        ~$ git issius close [issue id]
    Push GitIssius changes
        ~$ git issius push
    Get help
        ~$ git issius help

Tips and tricks

    Use ‘TAB’ for completion in fields.
Last updated on November 23rd, 2011

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