Bushy 0.2.3

A git workflow plugin

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What's new in Bushy 0.2.3:

  • A bugfix release due to bad packaging when uploading to PyPI. Sorry to anyone who experienced problems!
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Fergus Doyle
ROOT \ Programming \ Bug Tracking
Bushy is a git workflow plugin inspired by git-pivotal but intending to support multiple project management platforms aside from just Pivotal Tracker.


Bushy is a Python package and can be installed using the easy_install or pip commands. For the most seamless integration install the package so the generated console scripts are available in your $PATH.

It is always advisable to install python packages within a virtualenv. If you activate your project virtualenv while developing, this will place the commands in your $PATH automatically. Alternatively, you can create a dedicated virtualenv for Bushy and add the scripts to your shell config. If you use bash you could do the following to ensure the commands are accessible:

$ virtualenv-2.6 --no-site-packages bushy
$ bushy/bin/pip install bushy
$ echo "export PATH = $PATH:/path/to/bushy/bin" > ~/.bash_profile

This will allow you to run the following commands:

$ git feature
$ git finish
$ git bug

As well as:

$ /path/to/bushy/bin/git-feature
$ /path/to/bushy/bin/git-finish
$ /path/to/bushy/bin/git-bug


Pivotal Configuration

Bushy requires global and project local configuration to integrate fully.

Required local configuration (from within your project directory):

$ git config -f .git/config bushy.platform pivotal # use Pivotal Tracker for this project
$ git config -f .git/config bushy-pivotal.project-id PROJECT_ID # from the project url on the Pivotal Tracker site

Required global configuration:

$ git config --global bushy-pivotal.api-token TOKEN # taken from the profile section on the Pivotal Tracker site
$ git config --global bushy-pivotal.full-name "YOUR NAME"

Optional configuration:

$ git config --global bushy-pivotal.integration-branch # the name of the integration branch if different from master
$ git config --global bushy-pivotal.only-mine # only select from new features that are assigned to you

Working on a new feature

You can select a new feature to work on using the git-feature command:

junkafarian$ git feature
Retrieving latest features from Pivotal Tracker
Story: hook up with pivotal
URL: http://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/8236507
Updating feature status in Pivotal Tracker...
Enter branch name (will be prepended by 8236507) [feature]:
Switching to branch 8236507-feature

If you want to work on a specific story you can specify the story id:

junkafarian$ git feature -s 12345
Retrieving story 12345 from Pivotal Tracker
Story: hook up with pivotal
URL: http://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/12345
Updating feature status in Pivotal Tracker...
Enter branch name (will be prepended by 12345) [feature]:
Switching to branch 12345-feature

This will switch you to a new branch for working on the issue selected.

Once you have completed the development work / checked tests pass / committed the changes, you can declare the task as finished:

junkafarian$ git finish
Marking Story 8236507 as finished...
Merging 8236507-feature into master
Removing 8236507-feature branch
Merged code into trunk. Please push upstream and notify the release manager if necessary

You can then push these changes upstream.

Last updated on July 8th, 2011


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