Bosco 1.2

Bosco is a bug tracking system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jason Lee
ROOT \ Programming \ Bug Tracking
Bosco is a rewrite of the popular Bugzilla defect tracking software in PHP.

It is database-independent, and aims to be easy to maintain and modify.

It also has an API to allow external applications to work with its data.

What's New in This Release:

After adding, updating, or deleting a component or version, the user is returned to the component/version list. Requested in ticket 833403.
When entering a bug, the recips are now shown on the confirmation page.
Added parameter-ized support for combo box user lists in the edit components and enter bugs screen. When the param is set to true, fields that request a user email address will present a combo box listing the possible values. When turned off, a an edit field will be presented to the user. Large sites will probably want to turn this off.
Added browser redirection. Instead of being told you need to log in, the browser is sent to the log in page. After the user authenticates, he is then redirected to his original destination.
Added a web-based installer/updater
Layout cleanups. Layouts now only consist of header.tpl and footer.tpl, plus any addition stylesheet includes, etc. When a template is displayed, it is done so using the display() function, which outputs $layout/header.tpl, then $template, and then $layout/footer.tpl
Various MySQL fixes. Thanks to Szabo Gabor for pointing these out.

If you run into any issues with 1.2, please let me know. I'm going to give some thought to a 1.3 release in the next few weeks/months if something significant comes up. I'm kicking around migrating the two existing templates to XHTML 1.1 Strict compliant, but IE seems to have problems with some 1.1 pages. The release of PHP 5 will likely see some pretty significant refactoring of Bosco to take advantage of some of the new features. I can't migrate too quickly to PHP 5, though, as I can probably move faster than many hosting sites, not to mention any larger sites that have other PHP 4 apps that have to be tested and migrated. At any rate, that's a taste of what I'm planning for Bosco. I'm not expecting any major feature additions, as it does what I need it to, and no one is asking for anything (if you have any ideas, feel free to email me).

Last updated on April 22nd, 2005

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